Churchill 812 OxyCAP

OxyCAP is Akkar’s brand new surface hardening (heat treatment) process. It is not a conventional coating
technique but a special and long process during which steel receiver and action parts are treated with
the Akkar Formula.

OxyCAP treatment results in a high level of Abrasion, Corrosion and Impact resistance that is crucial in the
world of guns, for both functional and aesthetic reasons. One of the side benefits of this process is that the
specially hardened surface creates an ultra-slippery non sticky environment that makes it hard for unwanted dirt
and residue to stick, hence making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Model  : Churchill 812 OxyCAP
Item code  : K81240
Gauge  : 12 / 76
Stocks  : High select walnut, oily finish
Receiver  : Steel, Oxycap
Barrel finish  : Matte blue
Trigger  : Mechanical, selective
Ejection  : Auto ejectors
Safety  : Auto
Chokes  : MC-5
Sights  : Vent rib, fiber optic sight
Barrel lenght  : 71 cm
Barrel options  : 66-71-76
Length of pull  : 365 mm
Drop at heel  : 57 mm
Drop at comb  : 37 mm
Overall length  : 114 cm
Weight  : 3.10 kg